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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

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Eye of Harmony, I can accept this as being what was under the Cathedral from the '96 movie. I always thought that the eye was a a Black Hole that that all Tardis tied into, not a star on the verge of being one. Either it's always been that, or did the Doctor refit / change the Eye at some point to break free of the original Eye?
He probably lost access to the original Eye when Gallifrey was time-locked; we know that during the first few years post-Time War, he had to refuel at the Cardiff Rift. It could be that the TARDIS gained a standalone Eye either when the TARDIS regenerated in "The Eleventh Hour" or when the universe regenerated in "The Big Bang".
That's what I figured is that it had to be an "upgrade"; either something the Doctor did or the TARDIS did to herself.

Rewatching the episdode: In the reconfiguration room, with all the glowing pods, I paid more attention to the Doctor this time: There's something more to those devices than being replicators (to use a term). Watch the Doctor's face, he's hiding something.

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People calling the TARDIS 'Sexy' is the most cringeworthy thing any human can ever do.
It's fun. One of the cuter things to come out of the newer episodes.
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