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I am going to attempt answer specifically what I see in a thread, without going into one of my diatribes, or attack the movie.

Well, anyway, I took the purity test, and I voted 0. I noticed that 66.67% of respondents voted the same way. 33.33% of respondents voted for six of the items being present in the next film.

I would have more respect for JJ Abrams and his team if they had been open from the beginning. "Hey, guys and gals, we are doing a story with Khan. It's going to be fantastic." I have read about other film productions where the people involved were more open about their villains. I don't know how other people feel, but I don't like mind games and deception. And that is what I feel that JJ Abrams was doing.

For me, I am looking forward to more information on what ships will appear in the next film. I know there is the Takay, the NCC-07-B, the Bradbury, and the two main ships - Enterprise and Vengeance. I am curious to see what other ships there will be in the next film.
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