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Re: Let's get back to Roddenberry's trek

Define "Roddenberry's Trek." The only portions of the Trek franchise that Roddenberry was directly in charge of were the pilots and first two seasons of TOS, ST:TMP, and the first couple of seasons of TNG. He had some executive input into TOS's third season, TAS, and the third through fifth seasons of TNG. He was an "executive consultant" on the second through sixth movies, but that was pretty much a courtesy and he had no creative control over them. And he was dead by the time the TNG movies, DS9, VGR, and ENT came along. The vast majority of Star Trek at this point reflects the "vision" of people other than Roddenberry.

And every time a new incarnation of Trek comes along, there are people who denounce it as fundamentally incompatible with what came before and demand it be ignored. Today they say that about Abrams, and they conveniently forget that it was being said a decade ago about Enterprise, and a quarter-century ago about TNG, and thirty-odd years ago about the movies, and forty years ago about TAS, and before that about the third season of TOS. But whenever the next new incarnation of Trek comes along, the narrow-minded exclusionists transfer all their hatred to it and hold up everything that came before as the "true" Trek that needs to be defended, ignoring that all those earlier Trek productions incorporate many different "visions" that were once denounced but eventually became more or less accepted as part of the whole.
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