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Re: The State of Star Trek Literature 2013

I'm happy to have more Tos standalone type novels coming out. It's nice to have other Startrek Tos books to come out than just TNG Typhon pact novels the last few years It's nice to see some variety in the different types of books for a change of pace having the stories wrapped in one book . .I've liked the variety of the Tos novels and it's a nice change. The Typhon pact books are okay but I liked about Plagues night and raise the dawn because we finally had DRG to resolve unfinished ds9 storylines wrapped up at long last.I was happy with how Sisko's storyline with Kassidy yates and being in Starfleet.that was handled. I want to know what happens to Odo in future ds9 books. I liked Una's Typhon pact novel I read recently. I look forward to seeing the new Enterprise series of books By Christopher Benett coming out this year and next year. I'm really excited about the Enterprise books being a continuing series about the federation! I think it's too bad that David McIntee and Krad won't be doing anymore Strtrek books right now..The David Mack Cold Equation novels with Data's return are some of the best TNG books I've read in years. Greg Cox's novel Weight of world's and Devil's Bargain were well written fast paced Tos stories I couldn't put down.
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