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Re: is TOS the only 'true' Star Trek?

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Brothers and sisters, I say to you the truth! And the truth be that only Star Trek that was touched by the divine hand of Gene Roddenberry himself cna be considered True Star Trek! Pure Star Trek! Do not be sawyed by such charlatans as Rick Berman or JJ Abrams with their repsective minions! For they are posers and imposters and they're work only destracts from that of Gene Roddenberry the Great!

Sorry, this thread seemed in need of some Sunday morning preaching.
But what if Roddenberry the Great disavowed himself of The Original Series? What is The Truth of Trek then??

According to Paula Block...

Another thing that makes canon a little confusing. Gene R. himself had a habit of decanonizing things. He didn't like the way the animated series turned out, so he proclaimed that it was not canon. He also didn't like a lot of the movies. So he didn't much consider them canon either. And – okay, I'm really going to scare you with this one – after he got TNG going, he... well... he sort of decided that some of The Original Series wasn't canon either. I had a discussion with him once, where I cited a couple things that were very clearly canon in The Original Series , and he told me he didn't think that way anymore, and that he now thought of TNG as canon wherever there was conflict between the two. He admitted it was revisionist thinking, but so be it.
Heretic! Brothers and sisters do not pay attention to this heretic and blasphemer against Gene Roddenberry the Great!
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