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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

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Also, when folks repetatively try to slap others with labels such as "warmonger" (or similiar) they only serve to highlight even more the flaws in their own arguments.
When people claim that the Feds are a bunch of Chamberlains who do give in to the uber-evil Hitlerian Romulan Empire which wants to burn the entire quadrant instead of standing steadfast and not paying even the smallest price for peace they gotta live with the label warmonger.
Distorting the truth in order to rationalize total war (if the Rommies are intergalactic nazis the only option is to pre-emptively crush them before they devour you) simply is warmongering.

And as Sci constantly points out, once you ignore these lies and take a look at what actually happened on the screen it becomes obvious that a) the Federation takes the Romulan threat very seriously, its flagship is often to be found near the neutral Zone and b) the Romulans have not conquered the Federation yet.

In the real world the nazis took the "neutral zone", the Rhineland, without any repercussions whereas in the fictional world of Trek the Federation would certainly not tolerate a fleet of warbirds. The appeasement stuff is simply nonsense.
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