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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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I can not see Tommy being an effective villain. The type of training he would need to face Oliver would take a very long time. Plus he would know it. He has seen what Oliver can do. He would know he would not be able to stop him. Plus all he would need to do is tell Dectitive Lance Ollie's secret and puts him in jail right away. Tommy taking over for way too obvious and would be totally unbelievable.
Exactly. The only reason to make Tommy a villain is to copy something from the comics, whether Spider-Man or Green Arrow.

Also, does anyone really think that John Barrowman isn't an adequate villain, except for not having the same name or whatever as one villain in a comic?

Also, if Tommy's a good man, then Oliver has a choice to make as to pursuing Laurel. If Tommy is a villain, it's a no-brainer. Characters making the obvious choice is not compelling drama (as witness Oliver's choice to skillz up and harden his ass on the island.)

Also, Laurel is a weak character in many respects. Having the maturity to go for the guy who treats her well, instead of wallowing in drama about the bad boy, at least makes her seem like she's out of high school.
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