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Re: Regarding next X-Box and "always online"

Sure but as i said negative press sticks around and this (despite the realities) impacts MS negatively and no company wants to be portrayed in a negative light since it almost always impacts the bottom line.

Personally i believe MS is not reacting because a) it's true but they're not ready yet to admit it (waiting for their professional reveal where they can try and spin it into a positive thing) or b) given the overwhelming negative reaction to the rumor are actively thinking about changing the XBox especially after Sony has announced the PS4 won't need an internet connection to play games and it will be playing older games (at least at first.. i fully expect them to roll back that feature in a year or so). The second option is far less likely.. i'm no tech expert but i also don't know if it's technically possible to do so at this late point in the development cycle.

So i guess MS is keeping low, hoping that May 21st and E3 will be a success and gamers will calm down and just bitch to their friends on Facebook and boards like these.
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