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Re: SPOILER: JJ's 3rd Star Trek movie plot leaked!

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Abrams is already a savior for one franchise.
While I liked what he tried to do with the first movie, and understood the need for a reboot so that he wasn't "locked in" to original canon, I thought the whole point of that was to create something NEW, not put a bunch of used plot ideas into a hat, shake it up and re-use whatever falls out.

I'm sure the movie will be decent for those who aren't Trek fans but it just irks me that there is no originality left in Hollywood these days. I'll still see the movie, will probably enjoy it but just end up wishing they would "explore new worlds and civilizations" instead of going where Star Trek has sort of gone before.
I understand where you are coming from and I am the first one to point that having three copies of TWOK in a row is pretty lame.
But the again originality is overrated IMO. I don't care about whether an idea is new or old but whether it is good. Let's take e.g. the four familiar species in ST09. The Romulans aka Tattoomulans and the Orion aka dumb green frat girl were a disgrace whereas the Vulcans were done well and the new take on the Klingons, although only visible in two cut-out scenes, was brilliant.
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