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Re: You know what I wish we saw in Star Trek 2009?

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Someone said that it would have been the perfect opportunity for us to see an older Kirk and I agree. That could have been Shatner's cameo.
That would make no sense. Kirk would have been long dead by that point. No matter what point in the 24th century those events were depicted, Kirk was believe lost on the maiden voyage of the Enterprise-B (late 23rd c.). Even if we ignore the events of "Generations," as a human he'd long since have expired by the time Spock was helping the Romulans (as he says it's 129 years in the future).

How would throwing Kirk into any future mind-meld vision have any rational explanation?
Spock was ruminating about their friendship. It was the perfect opportunity to throw in Shatner as Kirk. And the fact that it's a montage of thoughts is all the rational explanation needed. The mind jumps around. No reason he couldn't have shown young Kirk what happened to Romulus, then an image of old Kirk, then whatever else he wanted to conjure up.
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