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Supposedly Rick Berman et. al. didn't like the way the uniforms worn on Next Gen from seasons 3-7 looked on the big screen in Generations... in fact, they had designed new uniforms for that movie but didn't use them...
From what I understand, the GEN uniform redesigned were just sketches, not actually made...the only evidence left of 'em is the line of action figures that came out.

I'm really glad they didn't use that design, though. Too much of a mix of TOS movie era & TNG.

The gray-shouldered uniforms are a much better alternative.

Though my favorite is still the color-shouldered jumpsuits introduced with DS9, followed by the gray-shouldered jumpsuits.
Eh... they were actually made.

IIRC, there's a deleted scene on the Duras BoP where Geordi has one of them. Anyway, I totally agree that these uniforms are underwhelming, but they would've been better as the actual show uniforms.
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