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Re: Sulu was named for the sea

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Incidentally, in the version of TOS dubbed in Japanese, Sulu is changed to Kato. And Scotty becomes Charlie for some reason.
Easier to pronounce in Japanese, probably. The "-ty" part wouldn't be pronounceable in Japanese; the corresponding syllable is pronounced "chi." So it would be sukachi, which would basically sound like "Scotchy."

And they made up their own stories, and Kato was kind of the boss.
I think that's a myth. Shatner once joked on Saturday Night Live that the Japanese name for the show is Sulu, Master of Navigation, and that joke has been misreported as a fact in a number of places. (It's actually Uchuu Daisakusen, "Major Operation in Space," which is a reasonably literal translation of Star Trek. Although in the movies it's generally just transliterated as Sutaa Torekku.)
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