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SPOILER: JJ's 3rd Star Trek movie plot leaked!

Based on the spoilers that have been posted about Star Trek Into Darkness (if true) - I believe that this is the plot they are creating for the 3rd movie:

A huge Space Whale named Nomad comes to Earth looking for "The Decker" and fires a Genesis torpedo at Earth's moon which releases a God/Satan life form that's been imprisoned for millions of years.

Kirk and the Enterprise crew travel to Talos IV so that they can acquire the power of illusion to fool the God/Satan life form into thinking that the Space Whale Nomad is really its long lost wife named Stella.

It's soon discovered that "The Decker" who Space Whale Nomad is searching for, is a huge Tribble that the Space Whale slices up with a force beam and uses for food. The Decker pleads with Space Whale Nomad..."NO KILL I"

In order to save Earth, Kirk and crew now armed with the power of illusion, creates a huge space Amoeba which chases the Space Whale and the God/Satan life form to the edge of the Galaxy where Kirk then informs the God/Satan life form that Stella, under the guise of Nomad, has been cheating on him for thousands of years. A battle ensues where God/Satan and Nomad/Stella destroy each other.

The Decker gives birth to millions of tribbles on Earth's new transformed moon and soon the tribbles start tunneling everywhere, opening up new veins of Dilithium. Kirk and the Enterprise returns home to a hero's welcome. As the credits roll, Kirk looks up with silver glowing eyes and smiles.

Yep...that pretty much sums up the creative genius behind JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof.
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