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Yeah, I agree with Screaming Jets' 'Better', good song, the city where I work now (Newcastle) is their home town. Silverchair are from here too. As are Taman Shud (very big in the 60s and 70s). If you haven't tried it yet, listen to Sherbet's 'Blueswalkin'', like it a lot.

btw I notice you don't list all 12 minutes of all three parts of Evie. THANK GOD.

I could tell a lot of stories about being forced to listen to that one by fans

"Just listen, no really, it's really amazing.. "
Yeeaahhh, I thought about it, but then no.

Not at all familiar with Airbourne, too many to remember as is! .

Seriously, I'm just scraping at the best known parts of the surface, there's stuff I haven't mentioned. Oh God, like what? Hmmm, here's one for the ladies, this song always had a strong appeal, and its subject matter was very different for the time.

Aaaarrgghh! How could I forget THIS!:

(all from my feminist phase, folks! )

The above two made me think of this one. At the time Sharon O'Neill was going through a real life breakup with her husband, so it has a certain poignancy, as does its sequel, "Maybe", also on YT.

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