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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It was very atmospheric and a great exploration of the interior of the TARDIS, something I wanted to see in the new series but we really haven't gotten (except a small runabout in "The Doctor's Wife"). Unfortunately, my copy of the episode was slightly corrupted and kept skipping, so I missed on some bits here and there (including the audio references to previous episodes). Despite that, I still enjoyed the episode a lot and I'm quite surprised by the amount of distaste for it here.

Honestly, I didn't mind the reset button (I usually despise them), but as others have already stated, it's not really a reset button between the small changes with the salvage crew, Clara feeling tired from two days compressed into two, and The Doctor clearly remembering the adventure (and I'm sure Clara will remember it later on). While agree it's a shame we lose some of the conflict between The Doctor and Clara because of the reset, I think this loss will come into play in the finale.

As for the actual exploration, I loved the glimpses of the observatory and the swimming pool (glad to see it back despite being ejected however many times now) as well the visits to the architectural reconfiguration system, the Eye of Harmony and the library (although I wish we saw a bit more of it). I loved that there was "an outdoors" area of the interior even though it proved to be an illusion. It's no more farfetched than the brick warehouse walls (which, unlike many others including Moffat, I've never had a problem with). The centre itself was also wonderfully surreal.

I'm not sure if I quite agree with the idea that the TARDIS is trying to help Clara, although I agree with the notion that the TARDIS deliberately allowed her to read "The History of the Time War." I need to rewatch the episode (properly) and think about that little conundrum because up to this point, I think the TARDIS is terrified of Clara and I have a theory on why that is (based on the theory the AV Club reviewer had, which I posted in another thread).
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