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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

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This reset left echoes.
Also the burn on Clara's hand from the reset timeline appeared on her hand in the other timeline, which implies they were never completely independent to begin with. For some odd reason, when the past and the future were leaking into the present, I expected other timelines to leak into it as well.

It would have been an excellent episode, had it not been for two things that made it not that enjoyable to me:
1. The monsters that they turned into after burning did not make much sense, both in believability and storywise. When the first zombie appeared, my first thought was that the looks were deceiving and he or she was a good guy. Then they were shown to be mindless and evil. Then they turned out to be our guys. Too much black and white, too little hues to make them interesting and make such unexpected transformation worthwhile and more believable.
2. The salvage crew. And I don't mean the acting, the writing bothered me. You come in a room, a scanner tells you that there is everything in the room, you should express much surprise and fear before you start salvaging it. I am pretty sure when you're dealing with everything, you need to be careful. They were most uninteresting the entire time, I think all three brothers were androids. Of the decommissioned models. Except maybe the android one.
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