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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

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they have ruined the eye of harmony, in the 96 film it was awesome, now it's just a fucking miniture sun. Why, WHY??????????
Uh, it was the TV Movie which changed the Eye of Harmony. It can be reconciled by believing that the one on the TARDIS is a mere link to the main one discovered by Omega and Rassilon though.

Plus Clara's clothing was appualing. Looked awfull.
I thought she looked really sexy.

that episode was far too complicated for me.
Grrr. Complicated is good, people. Otherwise we get stuff like Abrams Trek.

Typical Moffat, solving the eisodes problems with giant complicated stuff none of us can understand.
Moffat didn't even write this episode.

usually i can just about understand what happens in an episode, and by then the rest of my family are confused so I explain it to them, but this time even I had no idea what was going on. Never had this problem with RTD
That's because his stories were ridiculously simplistic.

I heard Moffat was leaving after series 8, it that's ture, the last episode of series 8 cannot come soon enough.
I'm not excited for the era of Chris Chibnall, myself.
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