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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

I certainly would have liked the Trabe built up more, or reappear after this, they were pretty cool concept. From what I've seen so far, the season was meant to be Kazon-centric and this concept would have really strengthened that. Dump Tattoo and Threshold for more stuff like this and it could have been a pretty strong theme.

R. Star - you certainly have a point about Janeway at the start of this. She's just setting the Marquis against her at the start of this episode. And being pretty stupid about it, she just wouldn't shift from her perspective, and takes several prompts to even consider it. Then at the end everything goes wrong on the first attempt because she chose to side with new aliens instead of the Kazon because Cullah's a bit of a dick and she basically says "SEE I WAS RIGHT!"

I don't understand why she didn't deliver the lead Trabe to the Kazon, or at least contemplate it. He did try and assassinate them, that can't be a breach of the Prime Directive and would have been a nice peace offering. At least shown her trying to decide that and make a hard decision. This could have made for a really good two parter.
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