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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

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But did anyone else think that this could easily have been re-written to be the 50th anniversary ep or a multi-Doctor one? The warping of time inside the TARDIS could have allowed 11 to bump into his predecessors, with some technobabble explanation about how time was being re-written and they hadn't regenerated, explaining away their appearances.

I was a little surprised that this ep didn't contain a few more references to the past; maybe some props from previous Doctors (hats, scarves, umbrellas etc) or even something to acknowledge past companions turning up in the TARDIS. Just little Easter eggs for the fans, really.
Yeah, you have a very god point there. That in my eyes would be the only acceptable answer for the doctors being aged too! WOuld have wanted a clasic foe in it though, maybe the daleks could have replaced the scavangers, or maybe Omega could have caused it. Would want a better design though. I don't like how dark and murky this new one is. Plus they could have used the title "the eleven doctors" for that too! And it would be a good excuse for us too se a variaty of old and new tardis designs.

Yeah, same here. If that would have happened, I might have liked it more. Maybe it would have been funny to see Matt Smith wear a scarf for a few minites.
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