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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

What on earth was going on in that episode?

Began somewhat okay, but by the end it was appualing. Overly complicated ebding whic even I didn't get, they have ruined the eye of harmony, in the 96 film it was awesome, now it's just a fucking miniture sun. Why, WHY??????????

Plus although it's the best design of the revival series, I'm gradualy growing to hate it more day by day. Too dark and gloomy. Just give the fans what they really want, the clasic white design please! Although I must admit I'd prefer a McGann style steampunk TARDIS. But either way, there's something about each design since 05 which hasn't really impressed me much. The worst was that awfull first design of Smiths, just a boring copy of the RTD one. Plus we've only really just got this new design so we haven't really gelled with it enough to want to see more.

Plus Clara's clothing was appualing. Looked awfull. And in the end, did future doctor comming through a hole in time or whatever give the doctor that thing which meant none of it happened anyway, so the whole episode was rendered pointless? If so, shouldn't that create some sort of paradox or something? I don't know, that episode was far too complicated for me. Typical Moffat, solving the eisodes problems with giant complicated stuff none of us can understand. usually i can just about understand what happens in an episode, and by then the rest of my family are confused so I explain it to them, but this time even I had no idea what was going on. Never had this problem with RTD, his stories were exciting and easy to understand, now stories are dull, boring, and difficult to understand.

I heard Moffat was leaving after series 8, it that's ture, the last episode of series 8 cannot come soon enough.
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