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Re: Daredevil back to Marvel Studios?

I think she could be... interesting as Elektra. Although I think it would be nice if they actually cast someone who was more 'ethnic'. Jen Garner - while 'okay' was hardly the Elektra from any universe honestly.

But I hate to admit it, I wouldn't mind seeing Colin Farrel as Bullseye again. But this time in a "fucking costume". He was pretty much the only really 'straight from the books' character in the movie.

DD was... meh okay. Kingpin I could handle him being black only IF he was actually like the comics version with his fingers in a lot of pies... and with super hero enforcers. Not basically an overfed 'gangsta'. But I did love his voice - shame he passed away recently.

While I wouldn't want a throw back retro 70s explotation grindhouse like movie - I wouldn't mind seeing a similar style. Dark, stylish, violent and street level when he's DD, grey and bright when he's Matt Murdock. Heck, I'd even love to see like a cameo by Jennifer Walters I know in the comics they were never really law partners, but it would at least help tie him into the rest of the MU.

Matt Murdock joins up with Foggy Nelson - who unfortunately can't be played by Favreau again - and Jennifer Walters at a new law firm - heck take the one from She Hulk - Goodman, Leiber, K&B whatever lol maybe even hint. Give us a little taste of Jen Walters before she becomes She-Hulk. But its still a heavily DD story.

I'd love to see something that would set up some really epic Daredevil/street level stuff. Maybe even gradually set up a Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Misty Knight Heroes for Hire movie. They all sorta worked out of Hell's Kitchen and other dark dingy parts of the MU.

Do it true Marvel Knights style. The stories and bad guys the big "shiny" guys can't or won't take on. There are so many good 'street level' heroes in the MU, be nice to give them a little section of the MU.
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