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Very interesting post thanks Australis. Been working my way through some of these tracks, some of them are familiar to me already many of them are not. A few of these bands have had illustrious careers outside of Australia, I'm a fan of Crowded House, AC/DC and Midnight Oil personally, but most of these bands are new to me.

Really enjoyed The Saints, Australian Crawl, Redgum, Yothu Yindi, The Atlantics and Billy Thorpe so far. And i'd swap out that INXS track for Good Times with Jimmy Barnes, which is one of my favourite tracks from either artist. The Easybeats original is good too!

Savage Garden are possibly the most insipid trash ever to come out of any country though, so sorry, can't agree on that one

One Aussie band you didn't mention that I have enjoyed is The Screaming Jets, they came along around the same time as Grunge did, which is possibly why they didn't enjoy more popularity outside of Australia, their debut All For One is a great album though, and here's one of it's best singles:

So it goes.
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