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Re: The State of Star Trek Literature 2013

1. How do you feel the Trek book line has done in the last 12-15 months?
It's doing quite well I'd say, since we already know of new novels being commisioned for 2014, and that's a good sign.

2. More specifically, what have you liked in regards to the entire Trek book line in that time? What were your three favorite Trek novels in that time and why?
My favorite Trek novels in the last 12-15 months were DRGIII's duology, and Mack's ending for Vanguard. I did really enjoy Mack's TNG trilogy aswell, but some things in the last book just didn't do it for me though.

3. Now, what did you disliked regarding to the Trek book line of the last year or so? What were your three least favorite or disappointing books and why?
What really didn't do it for me, has to be the return of Janeway. When someone dies, they die. And the idea of bringing someone back from the dead just doesn't do it for me. I partially feel the same when it comes to Data, but for Data atleast some signs were given in Nemesis that parts him remained. Also, the return of Data was executed better then Janeway's return, in my humble opinion that is.
The worst novel by far, was Martin's Titan novel, Fallen Gods. The man should never write Trek again, his understanding of established characters in horrible, his original characters are completey one dimensional, and his plots just take forever to get somewhere, and then in the last quarter of the novel the pace picks up so fast, you hardly get what's going on.

4. What new recurring trends or themes in the last 12-15 months have you picked up on?
No real comments.

5. What editorial decisions from the last 12-15 months have you like? Disliked?
I agree that dropping IFM was a bad idea. Although the novel had some flaws, it did some great things for Geordi as a character, and really moved him along. Although I still really like his character as he is now, and Mack wrote him perfectly, it would have been very nice to see Geordi strike out on his own.

6. What would you change in the Trek book line? Everything? Nothing? Be it production choices (artwork, type of book) or story editorial decisions?
BETTER COVERS!!!!!! LESS TOS!!!!! Give us the damned Ascendents storyline already. Bring back KRAD. And even though the last few NF novels didn't do it for me personally, the fans deserve a better send off.
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