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Re: The good things thread

StarMan wrote: View Post
Got an email from the University with marks from an assignment I completed a couple of weeks back. I was tentative opening the email, but did so. Read:

"100 % (The class average was 89% ) A+

You are ranked 1 out of a class of 82"
Terrific news, StarMan--congrats!!

Velocity wrote: View Post
I retire from my government job in 2 days! This month it's been like waiting for Christmas.
Wow, great going -- what're you going to do with all the time on your hands? Let's just hope the government stays true to form and keeps those checks rolling in.

Ah, the good things. How about food?
* A red pear, perfectly ripe and chilled from the refrigerator... best sweetness a tree fruit can give.
* Avocados when they're becoming soft... slice open and eat as-is. The creamy taste--divine.
* An egg cooked just enough so that the yolk is no longer runny but still kinda gooey. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper, with a touch of paprika, then eat. So delicious.
* Fresh baked bread with crispy crust, sliced up hot and then butter spread over that quickly melts. Ahhhhhh....
Remembering Ensign Mallory.
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