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Dude. Joking about Alzheimer's isn't funny.
There are dozens of cancer jokes, leukemia jokes, down-syndrome jokes, Alzheimer's jokes... It's called "black humour", and it's distasteful as hell, but it does tend to be funny. Occasionally.
Not from where I'm standing. Sue me.

My grandmother died of cancer. My aunt died of leukemia. My own mother is a cancer survivor.
I'm sorry for your loss, and very happy for your mother. I wish her continued good health.

None of them were/are offended by mere lack of taste.
They're better men than I, Gunga Din. Don't mess with me about this, please.

But ironically, I wasn't trying to be funny. It was just another way of saying "you're full of shit".
It's even worse if you're not even trying to be funny! "You're full of shit" is less offensive merely because it does not carry the same baggage--it's simply a common vulgarity. But if you can't resist the urge to hurl an insult, I'd actually recommend something more creative. Without shrapnel that may hit innocent bystanders.

Like when you call someone "retarded", for saying something stupid.
I see no "degrees" regarding this brand of insult. All bad. But then again, where is the "good" in an insult?

You don't actually mean to insult mentally handicapped people with that.
But it happens. The better course, IMHO, is to bypass that whole insult mentality and try something more constructive. But that's just me.

AT least go back to insulting TATV. It's not even real. And it's on topic.
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