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Re: Grammar Nazi Thread: Smooshing Words Together

^ Right, an intentional linguistic egalitarianism. It's rather amusing to me though that the language evolved in a way we wanted (not elevating people above one another in pronouns), but in the complete opposite way by universalizing "you." (Though as a note plain speech had other features like avoiding titles/Mr./Ms. and not taking oaths for example)

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^Interesting info regarding the Amish, Quakers, and Mennonites. I wondered if it might be one (or all) of those to whom you were referring -- thanks for sharing! I have some Quaker friends, but they speak in typical American English -- at least around me.
You're welcome! Most of the Quakers I know who talk like that (and it's a small minority) speak pretty much like anybody else, yeah. It's mostly among themselves and just occasionally around others. Though it always makes me grin to see a "Thee" on Facebook. (Also amusing: a plain-dress guy rocking out to AC/DC as he drives down the road.)

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As to y'all and all y'all, y'all is for addressing a small group of people and all y'all is for addressing a large group of people!
I know, but it still sounds goofy. Even on the very rare occasion when I use it.
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