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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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ok, so they didn't give them due process. It's still academic-had they given them due process, they would still have been removed,
You missed the part of the definition where it is pointed out how its not clear cut like you think it is.

relevant quote

Eminent domain is a challenging area for the courts, which have struggled with the question of whether the regulation of property, rather than its acquisition, is a taking requiring just compensation. In addition, private property owners have begun to initiate actions against the government in a kind of proceeding called inverse condemnation.
Yeah that doesn't sound like they would defiantly be removed.

as any competent judge would have ruled that there was reason for them to be removed.
Again its not as clear cut as you think it is.

I think the scenario in the movie presents a clear-cut case for removal. But I'm not going to keep arguing the point, because the question of "who gets to do the removal, the Federation or the Son'a?" is a pointless one. The premise presented in the movie is such a poorly-written one that the writer seems not to have realized that the Baku are doomed either way.
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