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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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That whole, "I don't have time to hold people's hands." And "Now I know why he never got his own command"* when he actually just can't read your mind and you've got him afraid to talk to you. It just reeks of Captain Queeg's inability to take blame for anything.

*"He's been decorated by Starfleet five times" Hint hint. Helped save the Alpha Quadrant twice? Might have heard of that? Hello?

This is one of the few times I blame the writers. I know what they wanted to do. It would have just taken a little tweaking here and there. I definitely would have taken out Riker's smug, "You're welcome."

And also, Riker has "Heard Jellico has been talking to shuttle pilots all over the ship?" Did ya hear you might be going to war??? Galloway and Bailey both requested to return to duty...but you're going to sit in your room until the Captain begs you for help? Jerk.
Well Riker's always been a jerk and hostile to anyone outside the command clique, unless he's hitting on them, pretty much. Remmick, Ro, Lavelle, Barclay and so forth. Jellico's only the latest on that list, but Riker can't pull rank on him.

Even so, they really made Riker childish and unprofessional in this episode. He's more worried about his private pissing contest with Jellico than preventing war? Again, that's why I think Jellico dropped the ranks and tore into Riker before he asked him to pilot the mission. Riker wasn't going to be functional on any level until he got what he needed to off his chest.

I personally think the writers did do him a disservice on this episode, but it's so awesome elsewhere it's easy to forgive that. The primary purpose of a first officer is to carry out and enact the captain's orders. I think you made a good point about Riker volunteering... that would've made up for his childish behavior earlier to be certain.

Jellico was more military like than Picard to be certain. Considering the scenario, it makes sense Necheyev would want someone like that commanding. Whatever you want to say about his command style, he did out maneuver the Cardassians almost single handed and did accomplish the mission. Considering Necheyev's own command style, she probably likes having a man like Jellico in the field.
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