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Re: Build Your Own Publishing Schedule- 2014 Edition

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Doesn't Pocket/S&S publish the Academy books?
A different imprint of Pocket, but yes, it's still S&S.

The impression I've gotten was that Bad Robot didn't want anything set between the movies that they weren't personally involved with. This isn't from any kind of specific statement, but it was the impression that I've gotten from what's been released, and a few comments here and there. Pretty much everything that's been released set after the movie has been made with Orci's involvement.
Bad Robot's control over the Abramsverse tie-ins applies universally, whether it's before or after the '09 movie. Just because Orci's name isn't on the YA novels doesn't mean Bad Robot isn't approving and overseeing them. (Orci doesn't even work for Bad Robot, at least not anymore. He and Kurtzman have graduated to having their own production company, K/O Paper Products, that's a production partner on Into Darkness.) Bad Robot's approach is for all the tie-ins to their continuity to be closely controlled and coordinated. And for whatever reason, they haven't chosen to include adult novels in their tie-in strategy. It doesn't matter whether they're set before or after the movie. If it were as simple as that, we could've done prequel novels just like the YA imprint did.
I realized that Bad Robot had to approve the YA books, I just thought that they might have been less concerned with them since they were set before the movie. I still find it weird that they've let all of those be published, but not the adult books. The only noticeable difference was when they were set, so I thought that might have been the reason they weren't published.
I had forgotten that Orci and Kurtzman's K/O Paper Products though. Does that mean that any Abamsverse tie-ins after Into Darkness comes out would have to be approved by K/O too, or would it still just be Paramount, CBS, and Bad Robot?
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