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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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Sisko talks about having used up all of his transporter credits to beam home every evening as a cadet
I take that to mean that as a cadet, he had only a limited number of times he can use the transporter, which would be termed as credits, but I could be wrong.
it would be interesting (and informative) to know exactly how Sisko came by his "transporter credits" in the first place. Allocated by the academy, provided by society, or purchased out of Sisko pocket?

SISKO: For the first few days ...
JAKE: You must have used up a month's worth of transporter credits.
SISKO: And after about the fifth, sixth day, you couldn't pry me from that campus.

How do you use up a month's worth of transporter credits with six round trips? If transporter use is free in a moneyless environment, Sisko's use of the system would have been unlimited. If his use were restricted by the academy to a dozen usages a month, would Jake reasonable know this? Jake might have been able to figured that young Sisko could only afford "a few days" worth of transporter travel in the course of any given month, should Sisko have been purchasing the transporter credits with his own money.

Too many characters have gone on record as stating that no money exists in the 24th century too many times.
But there are numerous examples of money's existence too. So what do you do?

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In the way pseudo-intellectuals use the term, no I am not "right wing."
Libertarian right-wing = economically right-wing.
That not what I was referring too.

Anti-intellectualism is by the way most frequently encountered on the right.
But that was. (thank you for playing)

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