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There is this brutal bit of insurgent warfare breaking out on the Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness hashtags on tumblr. Seems some people in Britain and the U.S. have found that a "White Englishman" is playing a Desi Sikh and that's not going down too well among some folks in 2013.

Expect this controversy to start growing over the next week. I'm not sure how big it will get, but some alluded to it earlier when they charged that JJ was engaged in "whitewashing" with Khan's character.

Just FYI.
Yeah, I have been warning all of my Trekker friends on Tumblr to stay off of all Trek related or Cumberbatch tags, to unfollow their social justice blogs temporarily, maybe even to stay off of tumblr unless they want to be spoilered.

The social justice crowd on tumblr isn't putting anything behind a spoiler cut.

My feeling is there is no way anyone could get it right regarding Khan.

Actually casting a Desi actor as a terrorist would be a huge no no, there's already the problem in America where Middle Eastern and Indian actors mainly get cast as terrorist types or dictator types.

Having a white guy as the bad guy is the safest option, but their very safest would have been not to have used Khan at all.

But I'm excited to see the film and see how things play out.
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