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Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.

Definitely very glad it's been renewed. Between that and moving to Tuesday night - better than Friday night, right? - it seems Grimm is becoming a pretty important part of NBC's lineup, eh?

Also definitely glad we're getting some solid movement on the Juliette front... maybe by the end of the season she'll finally be in on the masquerade? Hopefully? Please?

Is it fair to say Bud is now officially a backup member of the... what should we call Nick's gang of Scoobies?

Solid episode this last time, except for the complete lack of Rosalee, which is always a boo. Kind of fascinating that even with the killing of the... fire-demon-thingy... we still don't know much about it or where it comes from. Was it tied specifically to that mountain? Not a La Llorona-type "WTF did we just fight?!?!", but still.

Also - I totally dug Tali'Zorah's aunt as the head of the Romani-esque Vessen (I assume?) clan.
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