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Re: Guy Ritchie To Direct 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' Starring Tom Cruis

Christopher wrote: View Post
Hollywood has been disguising actors' and actresses' relative heights for generations.
Indeed. In the spy-spoof series Get Smart, Don Adams looked a couple of inches taller than Barbara Feldon in waist-up shots. In long shots, you could see clearly that they were the same height (actually Barbara was taller by about half an inch).

Of course, when Alan Ladd was paired with Veronica Lake in the 1940s, there was no need to fudge their relative heights. They were both shrimps!

Shaka Zulu wrote: View Post
I've seen the show on DVD myself, so here's what I've gleamed about it, quality-wise:

Season 1: Great all-around, through it can be a little corny in spots.

Season II: Good, but some episodes will test your reality quotient a lot.

Season III: Disaster all around -- the show was on opposite the shitty Batman show, so its plots were neck and neck with the crappy plots of the Batman show (the episode where Solo & Kuryakin have to prevent a stink bomb from hitting Las Vegas is one of the series's lowest points ever.)
The Man from UNCLE was always slightly tongue-in-cheek from the very beginning, but the third season was deliberately played for heavy-handed camp humor (as you said, in a misguided attempt to compete with Batman). IMHO, the show reached its nadir with "The Hot Number Affair," an episode set in New York's garment district and guest starring Sonny and Cher. She played a model. He played a dork.
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