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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

I'm becoming frustrated with this season. From the homages to the classic series I don't get (What was the popular thing de'jour last week? ) to having this big overall story arc which doesn't seem to be going anywhere, it feels like two completely different seasons from the first half to now.

Tonight's story could have revealed so much to move the overall story forward and instead it was just a romp through the Tardis with three guest stars who couldn't act their way out of a paper bag. It was like the writers said "let's get three muscular men, we don't care if they have talent, and have your conventional ship in a bottle show".

When I first heard about the title, I was excited in that maybe this would be a pure Clara and Doctor show with no guest stars. It would be a show where we got to learn more of the mythos of the Doctor while at the same time learn a lot about Clara and focus the entire episode on the Tardis, which doesn't seem to happen that much anyway. Well, this episode sure was not that.

With that said, there were parts of the episode that I did like and I gave the episode an Average. Seeing the Library was interesting, as well as Clara going to the book. Also liked that this episode did take place entirely on the Tardis, but they've made this ship from a blue box that looks cool into a complicated crapped mess. Maybe it might have been for the best that I didn't see things other than the main room.

I just wish we would address this mystery again and the Doctor and Clara can build this relationship. Has this show turned into fanwank city now? I remember in past years how while there were homages to the classic series, new fans can enjoy it too. The last two weeks, honestly, I've been bored with this show. Everyone is talking about the freaking 50th anniversary, and I just want the show to be the best I know it can be right now. I remember in past seasons (Season 1, 4, 5), I loved the show every week. I can't say that this time around. I love Clara though, and I like the relationship between her and the Doctor, but I would love to see more of it and really expand on Clara's distrust of him. They went there tonight in the scene on the cliff, but then they reset the episode so that makes that scene pointless. I so wanted it to be real.
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