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Re: Freeware Windows Applications

Just got portable GIMP tonight on my laptop, haven't uploaded it yet. Got it from

Anyone else have it on their computer? Is it safe to use on a laptop?

Also got regular GIMP on it as well, haven't uploaded it either.

Anyone use it on Windows 7? If so, has it been stable enough on it? And is it safe enough to use on a laptop?

One of my new favorite freewares to use:

The instructions on how to use it, then the link to the freeware itself...

how to convert photoshop brushes to paintshop ones

Disclaimer: from

Got the link originally on a Corel fan site, so credit goes to the person who shared it with me.

abrMate -- the said freeware

Disclaimer: from

It's a little tricky to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty fun . Goes well with Corel Paintshop Pro X4, which is the version I'm using. The newest version (X5) has an abrviewer, but from what I've read about it so far, it's still too unstable to even consider buying at this point. So this is a pretty good alternative.
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