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Seems some people in Britain and the U.S. have found that a "White Englishman" is playing a Desi Sikh and that's not going down too well among some folks in 2013.
Like a similar-sized group wouldn't have been outraged by a swarthy guy being shown to be a terrorist?

some alluded to it earlier when they charged that JJ was engaged in "whitewashing" with Khan's character.
The best audition gets the job. Welcome to Hollywood.

Were people screaming when Harvey Dent was black (Billy Dee Williams) in "Batman" in 1989? When (Eartha Kitt and) Halle Berry won the role of "Catwoman"?

When the "Fantastic Four" recast blind sculptess, Alicia Masters, as a black woman when the original comics had said she was supposed to be able to pass as Sue Storm without much effort?

I recall chatting to George Takei once, when he and James Doohan were trying to garner some interest in them being cast for a stage version of "The Odd Couple", and he was being met with disbelief. He said if he only ever auditioned for roles written for Asian men in Hollywood, he'd starve.

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Now, after reading the reasons why… I am in a better place and am willing to see the movie for what it is.
Perhaps it's partly why it's opening internationally first.

I did like 2009 Trek; altho the lens flares got old real fast. I hope there will be less of them… (please?)
They are quite small, in comparison, and in 3D! They are cool!
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