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I have read (or skimmed) all 42 pages of the thread. I'm actually glad I did. When I first read the info about the villain; I was mad. Now, after reading the reasons why… I am in a better place and am willing to see the movie for what it is. Consider that you have new writers (well newish (2009)) playing in a sandbox that was created almost 50 years ago (Nov./Dec. 1964!). There is a lot of ground that can be covered and remixed and refashioned and that is a good thing. It also means more Trek onscreen.

I do wish they had written an original story, but they knew what would get butts into seats; so they went with it.

I did like 2009 Trek; altho the lens flares got old real fast. I hope there will be less of them… (please?)

As long as the novels are still being written we have a big enough multiverse to explore and I will be happy with that too..

I was originally not a fan of Enterprise but have since grown to like it. I'm looking forward to Chris Bennett's take on ENT in July. I'm glad there will at least be one nod to ENT fans in the new movie (see upthread).

Sorry for the disjointed nature of this post. Just musing I guess.
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