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I tried to like this, but I couldn't. This is what we lost Young Justice for?
I very much doubt it, because it was in production well before YJ was cancelled. It takes a very long time to make an animated show, after all.

Is it as good as past DC animated shows? No. But is it a mildly entertaining way to pass the time? Maybe. One episode and two stories in, I'm finding it about 50-50. Might be worth checking out occasionally.

Not even jokes about Raven being a closet Brony could save it for me.
I don't think you can use "Brony" for girls (it's "bro" + "pony"). Anyway, I got a mild chuckle out of the in-joke of a Tara Strong character liking a pastiche of a show starring Tara Strong. (And I think she was voicing one of the Pony pastiche characters too.)
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