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Re: U.S.S. Vengeance from Into Darkness - POTENTIAL SPOILERS

Heaven forbid I be the first person to disagree, but from the most recent extended trailer, I'm actually pretty sure it's Enterprise crashing, not Vengeance. The ship is seen burning through the atmosphere and Scotty has a couple of lines that imply this. Mind you, the deepest part of San Francisco Bay is barely over half the depth of the massive alternate Enterprise's alleged height of 625 feet - to say nothing of the even larger Vengeance - so the scene is already ludicrous no matter which ship it is.

As for the Vengeance herself, I can but paraphrase Bernd Schneider when he saw it: If someone had submitted it to the Journal of Applied Treknology over at Ex-astris-scientia, he would have rejected it as the unnecessarily über-fanboyish nightmare it is.
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