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Re: Abrams: Star Trek Maybe

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Was I being coy, or was I doing no more than alluding to the same "one person" about whom you had only just been expressing so much concern?
No, you were being coy. You quoted the portion of my post where I was plainly stating that my position wasn't centered on Abrams specifically but based on a general principle.

Ah, that lovely "creak" of goalposts moving.
Please cite where I have "moved the goalposts."

You could begin by making a solid argument for your contention that Abrams is being given complete control of the "Star Wars" franchise...
Easy peasy as it is a far more incredulous claim to make that someone of Abrams standing would sign on to be a flunky with no voice or influence in a project he undertakes. JJ Abrams has demonstrably worked his way up the ladder in Hollywood to greater power and control over his "projects" from scoring a film at age 16 to present. (IMDB).

Oh yeah, Abrams company Bad Robot is also producing (with Disney and Kathleen Kennedy).
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