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Reimagined Gorn

Do you like them?

I wasn't very impressed. The Gorn Champion was the only part that felt right. For that point it felt like Kirk fighting the Gorn Captain on TOS.

The part that irked me the most was that they were an galaxy dominating species without any other motive. The JJ Abramverse worked fine in the movie because it uses a time paradox device but essentially remains canonical. The Gorn being from another Galaxy and conquerors vs being from our own and territorial xenophobes is a radical departure from established canon.

Somehow Nero coming to the past shunted an entire species off to another galaxy with a completely new history? Come on. Canon? Really?

Granted the lone appearances in TOS and Enterprise are not much to go on but we do know their motivation at Cestus III and we know that they considered part of their territory.
We also know they are immensely strong, not very agile and extremely durable like shrugging a multi-ton boulder steaming down the hill into them as if it were a back yard football tackle but that is about all.

Their ships and tech is much an open book and there was plenty of room to create there but in a lot of ways they made huge deviations and I don't see how they can claim the game is canon where the Gorn are concerned.

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