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Re: Abrams: Star Trek Maybe

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Um, we're talking about a guy who makes movies, not the guy in charge of the studio/network/publishing house. Abrams making Star Trek and Star Wars is not going to turn him into Rupert Murdoch.
Um, same difference, same principles at play, therefore it is an error on your part to try and minimalize things in order to invalidate or disprove my thesis because it doesn't. I went from big picture to small, but going from small to big works just as well in the making of my point.

My point has not been about Abrams being on par with a Rupert Murdoch or Studio Chief or CEO of a media conglom. It is about his bringing the same POV, perspective, tastes, sensibilities, back-of-tricks to two members of the same genre. It is about his being a footsoldier in the army of an industry that is forever looking to reduce things to a formula by which to homogenize.

Sadly, it is one of those things that if a person (or persons)can't grasp or forsee the magnitude or danger of then it is hard to educate them into at least understanding the concepts and ideas being discussed.
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