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Re: Grammar Nazi Thread: Smooshing Words Together

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English lost some useful and meaningful words. We lost thee, thou, thy, etc, which had more meaning than the simple you that replaced them, for example.
Thee, Thou and thy haven't been totally lost according to wikipedia.

It is used in parts of Northern England and by Scots

Now how widely it used, is open to debate.
Also used among some religious sects here in the States. And I wouldn't say they had more meaning so much as a slightly different meaning, being singular instead of plural.
Ritualistic use isn't the same as common use, though. Otherwise we could say that modern English still uses the noun->verb word order because people recite "With this ring I thee wed" at weddings. No one says, "I you kiss." Unless you're referring to more isolated sects like the Amish -- do they use those words in everyday language?

As to the meaning, a collective noun is a different meaning to a singular noun. Modern Standard English, with the exception of the regional Scots and Northern English noted, does not have a distinct word for plural 'you', as 'ye' once was. As I understand it, thee, thy, thou, etcetera, were also context-specific, in the same way that the use of vous and tu in French connote formality, or watishi, atashi, boku in Japanese (although those change depending on the speaker and not who is being spoken to). There is one exception I know of, which is the American southern plural you: y'all and all y'all. I'd be fascinated to learn of more exceptions, though!
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Mobile devices have overtaken the internet. Predictive spelling, used as it is by most people, sucks ass. Pardon my frustration.

People are more concerned with getting their thoughts online than they are with being understood. Excuses like "language evolves, deal with it" or "stupid spell check" are just another way of saying "I don't care what you think. Look at me!" or "I can't spell my way out of a paper freaking bag, but look how smart I am!"

Just take the time to say what you mean without being pretentious (a near impossible task for a lot of Treknoids), and have a good time.

Row, row, row your boat ...
This post is the most hilariously ironic thing I've read all day.

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