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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

Yeah, I think it would have been tube-happy. But if you look at the ATLANTIS structure (not the supertanker) in SPY WHO LOVED ME, it has some nice curvy stuff in the interiors that would have worked for TREK. Also ... whenever I see the Atlantis exteriors, the big vertical pontoon things look just like warp nacelles to me. Makes me wonder if Adam had some alternate versions we don't know of.

Seeing those other pics (esp the space brain thing that looks like a rock candy mountain) gets me heartsick about us not getting this movie. Then again, if we had, there wouldn't have been Kaufman's BODY SNATCHERS remake, which is one of my alltime best political paranoia films and probably my favorite love story (really!) of all time.I guess its a push.
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