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Re: Intro to the next generation ideas....

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Star Trek starters.... Into the the next generation
Need some help/advise....

Want to introduce TNG to my girlfriend but which single or two parter episode would get her hooked??.... Any ideas people??....
Here's my 2 cents...

I've been slowly trying to get my wife more and more into Trek, she's a Harry Potter and Hunger Games fan, she liked Firefly when I showed her the series, etc.

Has she seen TOS? If not start there. TOS is very easily picked up. The trio is easily related to and the light hearted nature of most shows is easy to enjoy. TOS was still made when TV shows weren't made for continuing stories between episodes, so you can show some of the best of TOS without worrying about needing extra back story, etc.

Then slowly move on to TNG. TNG is much more of a soap opera and harder to immediately get into. As we all know TNG took a while to warm up and get really compelling (3rd season and on).

Whatever you do don't show Encounter at Farpoint, as much as you may be tempted to since it's the pilot and introduces all the characters. It's such a cheezy and pretty boring episode really. I tried that route and my wife dozed off only to wake up at the end and (rightfully so) mock the space jellyfish.

She digs TOS when I bring out my Blu-ray discs on occasion. She's also really liked the TWOK, TSFS, TVH arc of the movies and generally also enjoyed First Contact.

First Contact is widely considered the best TNG film, and actually might be a good way to get her into TNG.

I did First Contact and then worked backwards with the Borg, showing my wife Q Who and BOBW afterward.

So if you want to do a 2-parter it really seems like BOBW is it. It's the biggest and most critically acclaimed 2-parter. Go grab the Blu-ray version on Tuesday

If she already knows/likes TOS, then Unification could be another good 2-parter to show.

Also as much as I hate hate to say it, if her Trek knowledge is zero, J.J.'s Star Trek 2009 movie hooks a lot of people. Then you ease them into the real stuff
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