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Re: is TOS the only 'true' Star Trek?

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All these are considered among the best episodes in their respective series. None of the 4 spinoffs have this kind of homage from each other;

Enterprise did homage to TNG several times
Voyager did homage to TNG (Borg, Riker and Geordi showing up, Q, and Pulaski being paged in Endgame). We also saw DS9.....
TNG had at least two crossovers with DS9
TNG references were common in DS9 thanks to Miles and Worf...

It would be hard for Enterprise to do homage to Voyager since most of Voyager was in the Delta Quadrant... or DS9, since Bajor and Cardassian is generally accepted to be unknown to Humans and Vulcans in Archer's time.

Besides, I thought TOS purists hated Relics because of how awful and brutally Geordi treated poor Scotty.
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