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Re: Abrams: Star Trek Maybe

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Has the hypothetical one person in question actually been put in such a position, though, or has he merely been hired to direct a single picture (written and produced by others not of his own selection) in one franchise while continuing to carry out his job as producer (with option to direct) of a set of films in the other?
Well, if you are coyly referring to J.J. Abrams and "Star Wars"
Was I being coy, or was I doing no more than alluding to the same "one person" about whom you had only just been expressing so much concern?

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...then I would really appreciate a citation of source that says he will have no input or voice in the creative aspects of the film (including editing and aesthetics not to mention script developement[sic]) because I really can't imagine him showing up for work like some Fred Flintstone and just punching -in and -out.

I mean, if he is going to be so "hands off" then why hire him? Disney wouldn't, they want that "Abrams touch" - which boils back down to him bringing the same bag-of-tricks to "Star Wars" that he brought to "Star Trek."
Ah, that lovely "creak" of goalposts moving. Honestly, I'm not sure why anyone should be expected to provide a citation of source proving anything at all in response to someone who seems to have no compunction whatsoever about freely lobbing unsupportable rhetorical spitballs such as "why should one person... be put in control...?"
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I also question why should one person... be put in control of the two biggest space-opera franchises?
or "so why put it all in one person's hands... ?"
Danger Ace wrote: View Post why put it all in one person's hands, to have both seen through just one set of eyes, to be given just one voice?
or "one person needlessly being given a creative monopoly"
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It is a question of one person needlessly being given a creative monoply[sic] by virtue of having the reigns[sic] of the two biggest science-fiction franchises going.
or "cornering any market"
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I would hope people would argue against anyone cornering any market. Would we want only one conglomerate making all the movies? All the news? All the ... anything?
Aren't you more or less obligated to provide support for your own sound and fury first before demanding that any responders prove you wrong? You could begin by making a solid argument for your contention that Abrams is being given complete control of the "Star Wars" franchise; with that as a foundation, the rest ought to be a piece of cake.
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