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Re: Regarding next X-Box and "always online"

^You do know that in some parts of the UK what Ofcom call Market 1 telephone exchanges, BT is in effect the sole provider of broadband, if you have a Market 1 exchange the other ISPs simply use BT's equipment. I.e. the exchange is too small for their equipment abd/or it's not cost effective for them to put it in. Many of these Market 1 exchanges are still on ADSL(upto 8Mb) tech, Market2 and maybe 3 are on ADSL2+ (upto 20Mb). Yet people on Market 1 still pay the same line rental to BT who have upgraded other exchanges. Though to be far to Ofcom the price BT can charge other ISP's on Market 1 exchanges actually has to go down several percent each year to sort of incentivise the upgrade. Not that the end user sees this reduction in cost. I would say Ofcom didn't go far enough though. BT doesn't want to upgrade my exchange fair enough. If the charge on ADSL2+ exchange was 20pm, on an ADSL they should only be allowed to charge 8pm. And I'm stuck on it until at least sometime in 2014 when the exchange is planned for upgradeing to fibre as part of the BDUK project.

Ok rant over.
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