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is TOS the only 'true' Star Trek?

-Trials and Tribblelations
-In a Mirror, Darkly

All these are considered among the best episodes in their respective series. None of the 4 spinoffs have this kind of homage from each other;

The spinoffs are called spinoffs;

Kirk is mentioned in dialogue in the other series (except ENT of course -- but they went up to consider bring Shatner for their 6th season); Spock and Sarek were in TNG;

McCoy appeared in the TNG pilot; the next episode (Naked Now) was a remake of one of TOS, complete with Picard looking in awe at "Kirk's ship" in a computer screen.

TNG wasn't let spawn a movie series unless Shatner was in it, despite the absurdity of the plot that made it so.

TNG does not even has a proper name: its simply The Next
Generation (weekly reminding Kirk's was the first)

The 2009 reboot is TOS. Made millions.

I wonder.
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