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Re: The State of Star Trek Literature 2013

Overall I'm pretty happy.

Here are some thoughts on each of the various series:

TOS - In past years I've been one of the ones whining for more standalone TOS novels. Now we are getting plenty! Generally they've been pretty darn good. I am one happy TOS fan. If I had to make any wishes, it'd be for some TOS movie era stuff. That has always been my favorite Trek era. Back when I started reading Trek in the 80s, most of the novels were set during this period but now they're generally set during the 5YM (which is fine too).

Typhon Pact / overall 24th century arc: I kind of like where they are going with this idea, mixing and matching the various series. I'm especially glad that DS9 is getting attention again, as it had become the most neglected series in recent years, since the relaunch fizzled. Looking forward to "The Fall" next year.

I'm still hoping for the DS9 Ascendants' storyline to finally be told. DRG3 teased us a bit with his TOS novel, Allegiance in Exile. I still am holding out hope that someone will go back and fill in the storyline from the DS9 relaunch! I kind of miss the DS9R characters too, Vaughn, Shar, Prynn, etc.

I enjoyed the David Mack TNG trilogy. Overall, however, I've felt like TNG in recent years has been struggling a bit. There has been lots of continuous turnover among the replacement crew, and the new characters just haven't been as memorable as the new characters in the DS9 relaunch or the new Voyager books. The Cold Equations books were very good, however, the best we've seen out of the TNG line since Destiny.

I almost think I would enjoy reading a standalone novel or two set during the series, for TNG. Back when they had a complete cast of interesting characters. It was nice to have Data back for a while, and yes even Wesley, in Cold Equations, but they were only "guest stars."

Titan has been struggling lately. I would like to see someone other than Martin write one: maybe Chris Bennett should have another turn. His earlier Titan novels were great.

Voyager has been awesome, and this year's installment was no exception. (I wasn't a big fan of the TV series necessarily, but Kersten Beyer has made me into a believer.)

The DTI novels were awesome. I wouldn't mind seeing another! I would totally buy it.

I'd also like to see more of Captain Dax. She doesn't have her own series but she seems to pop up from time to time as part of the ongoing 24th century tapestry.

Generally, the quality of the novel line has been consistently high over the past year. I can't really think of anything I would single out as my favorite, though.
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